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Wednesday, 6 September 2006

Product Warning...

After Tim's recent handwringing concerning the imminent annexation of the blogosphere by the suits in marketing, we strike a blow back for the common consumer....

Whatever you do, don't use *this* stuff:

It's like smearing plaster of Paris mixed with milk of magnesium over yourself - fine for an imaginative and taboo-breaking romp in the bedroom, granted - but hardly desirable if you don't want to look like a pillock on the sands of Monte Carlo. If you absolutely *must* use it, do so sparingly. Unless, of course, you want to look like this:

Don't go near the stuff...

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  1. I won't use it it's now here near a high enough factor for me. Darn my pale skin and blonde hair....I am destined to always be white or lobster red, I shall never be a golden hue !

  2. The Nivea spray stuff is quite good (although I am a fan of the Dove moisturiser with a hint of self-tan: good for the lobster-prone blondes, Baggiebird!).

  3. Having spent most of my life wanting to look like DB, I'll just order a gross of them.

  4. Yes, why wouldn't you want to look like him?

  5. I stay indoors or in the shade if its sunny. Works for me.

  6. It would be quite useful for when I dress up as Elvira I reckon. Where do I buy it?

  7. I agree with Billy. Draw the curtains, watch TV and wait for winter. That's when it's safe to go outside.

  8. What does dermatological mean in the context of this product? Well it perplexed me.

  9. The doctor is confused???

    Oh NO!!!!

    Run for the hills...

  10. Dermot O'Logical is the Professor of Aristotelian Studies at Trinity College, Dublin.

    ba-doom tsssh

  11. Bob I liked your podcast ?16 by the way I liked the Subway sect track especially, Is Vic there? is a favourite of mine.

  12. Ahhhhh yes...

    Dept. S.

    Vaughan Toulouse.

    Whereas I was Vaughan, too late - too late to love him....

    It's so hard to be 17....

    and numerous other adolsecent whinges that a qualified doctor should be too busy attending to her packed waiting room to have the time to listen to....

  13. what's wrong with looking like Bowie then? he was hot!