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Saturday, 2 September 2006

Dad's Old Tartan Ready Reckoner

To this day, I couldn't really tell you what it was (....something to do with calculating your stakes and winnings from a bet on the gee-gees in "old" money and then converting to "new", I think. Yes, I know.)

Whatever, it was common for dad* to spend entire evenings frowning and grimacing at its inscrutable hieroglyphs...

...or maybe he was just staring blankly at the illustrations

and wishing he was down the pub...?

[S. is singing "I'm a Widow of Blog" to the tune of "Walking the Dog" as I type....]

*She's* the funny one...

*I typed 'dead', not dad there at first. Bloody Freud.

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  1. S is bloody funny - possibly funnier than yowse!

  2. I love the tartan! Might be sloping past the BHF shop later this afternoon - prob c. 14:30/15:00 - see you in the belt and bag section! x

  3. Hope you are not still there! Didn't make it - maybe next week..

  4. Love the new poohcast by the way! And thoroughly loved my dedo - ta our kid. See you a BHF and Starbucks next week then? I think it's a bloody good idea actually. I must remember to have my tights round my ankles and bring the 'buie breezers in my shopping-lifting trolley x