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Wednesday, 20 September 2006

Life Versus Art...

Well, who'd have thought, eh? Post 501. Well, well, well. Won't they have crinkly mouths at the Grauniad....?

When I was younger and an aspiring pop star/songwriter etc. I always used to see a very pronounced division between life and art. Indeed, in those days, life was merely fuel for the art - the thing you wrote about; a bizarrely unfolding sequence of days that formed the tarmac on which the white lines of one's art dreams would unfold. Well, the dreams unfolded alright. And here we are.

Because life crashes in all the time, doesn't it? As it has for poor old Tim out in Thailand. One minute you're writing stimulating critical appraisals of Baudrillard and Radiohead, the next the tanks are outside your door. C'est la vie.

So without the usual drama queening and johnny-jack flouncery, life has kind of crashed in a bit of late and I need to take a breather for a wee while. I'll be back [massed groans....] but in the meantime, please keep on with post 500 below. Most of you probably saw it as blatant egotism, but I was hoping it might also be seen as what I'd intended - a chance for my readers to storm the citadel of Bob and show the world what have always been the best and funniest things about this blogging lark....


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