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Sunday, 10 September 2006

Bobcast 19... up here.

I'd give it a wide berth if you don't like Bowie....

Next one won't be until the weekend now...

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  1. True Bowie heaven Bob. The final song made me want to weep!

  2. Cheers Moster - glad you liked. That was my favourite too (and Joe the Lion, obviously - *so* under-rated...)

    Just pleased that both of my listeners enjoyed it. Maybe we could just all three meet up in a pub with a list of our favourite songs each week and save on the 'leccy? Get pissed. Maybe fool around. Just a thought. Beats the BHF, anyroad..

    I may even listen to Istvanski's over the weekend and give myself an even better reason to stop doing them.

  3. Istvanski's second should be on-air properly - it's quite staggeringly hilarious.