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Sunday, 3 September 2006

Bobcast17... up now - here.

Amis *and* Dylan in the Obs.


Have a good weekened all - I'm on shore leave next week, so apologies if the posts are even more erratic than usual...

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  1. strewth that Move song brings back some memories....thanks again Robert

  2. Another one?! Oh, I am so behind...

  3. My thoughts exactly, you great lump...

  4. Wow
    Julie Crusty
    Now there was an Actress!!
    Enjoyed the Bobcast
    When you gonna plug your old mate?
    oo er missus

  5. Second thoughts
    I'll forgo the plugging
    How about a drink instead?

  6. Can someone remind me which Bobcast I put the Grand Union song on, please??

  7. Enjoyed this one Bobster. I think you should have some Bert and Pentangle. I loved the Primitives too. I'd forgotten how good they could sound at their best.

  8. thanks for the adam green mention, found a copy, and rather enjoyed it :)

  9. Just caught up with Vol 16 (what happened during the Smiths/Sandie Shaw song? Bit of a John Peel moment?) and am listening to Vol 17. Good to hear thick Brummies the Move and the Primitives (well, they're from Coventry but they're all the bloody same) and the Sex Pistols' Bodies (not as good as Val Doonican's version though. That old Catholic guilt all comes to the fore!)

    Perhaps there will be a few days' podcast respite now if you are on shore leave. All the nice boys love a sailor, etc. Be careful.

  10. I liked the giggling on 16 but you put them up too quickly I can't keep up.

  11. Is Thursday alright with everyone?



  12. I can just about remember Roxy's appearance on Top of the Plops doing Virginia Plain.

    Brian Eno and Craig Bellamy should get together and compare notes with regards to their council approved haircuts.

  13. I will have to get my software issues sorted out so that I can listen to your bobcasts