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Friday, 8 September 2006

Last Night I Dreamed of Scary Duck...

He was quite avuncular, actually, not at all as you'd imagine him. A bit like Mal Evans, the former Beatles roadie gunned down by LA police in the mid 70s. Biggish bloke - the sort you'd call a gentle giant. Anyway, in the dream, I went up to Scary Duck and said, "can I just say, I think you're absolutely brilliant. I wish I could say I read your blog every day, but I don't - I'd give up my own blog if I did", at which he just sort of smiled, as if that was something that people were *always* coming up to him and saying. (It's also true - I do avoid reading him because he tends to make me want to give up blogging - but that's by the bypass...) Funnily enough, he seemed to know who *I* was too - although, obviously being a dream, it's entirely plausible that he did, I suppose.

Anyway, that was about it really. I sort of gushed on about how good he was and he smiled indulgently, like Mal Evans indulging someone who was gushing about how good he was and then, just as I was about to offer to buy him a pint at the pub over the road, Scary Duck said, "now, if you'll excuse me, I have a team meeting in Watford and I'm running a little late..." and with that, he was gone into the cold night air.

Nice bloke.*

* I was going to put "And then I woke up" there, but Tim tells me I'll lose my prosaic license if I keep doing that. So there you go..

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  1. Ah, Scary...

    I dreamt of his Chinese brother, Peking.

    Sorry, couldn't resist it.

    I'll go now, shall I?

  2. " Mal Evans indulging someone who was gushing about how good he was..."

    What would you say? "Ooh, Mal, the way you hit the bass drum on 'Yellow Submarine' was way cool... and the insouciance with which you bunged Paul's bass amp into the back of the van after the Sunderland gig in '64..."

    Anyway, prosaic licences are like driving licences in Bangkok. Provided you slip a couple of hundred baht to the right bent cop, there's very little that can happen to you.

  3. Ister - yes, and sister Toilet. Great bunch of lads...

    Timster - excellent. You could add in his superb hammond organ work on Rubber Soul (They don't call him Mal "Organ" Evans for nowt, you know...) and his astnishing alarm clock solo on A Day In The Life. Also, I'd love to have seen him trying not to laugh when Macca told him "there are seven levels..."

    Cheers lads,