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Friday, 15 September 2006

Bob's God Sod Pod Cod Reggae....Whatever ...Cast...

".... I STILL don't know what the 'cod' stands for in 'cod reggae'...Why doesn't someone do a Cod Past Pod Cast? - 45 minutes of shite."

Be careful what you wish for, Geoff...

The Sod/Pod/Bob/Cod Reggae cast is now available here...

Blame Geoff, is all I'll say...

Bobcasts now available at iTunes!!

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  1. Hi Bob, just listening to your latest.

    just to let you know the correct title, you didn't seem sure?
    Ace track of the show.."How the Zebra got his spots" VIVIAN STANSHALL, I have the bloody album..original pressing!!Oh Yesss

  2. Can't wait - what exactly is cod reggae? Did you see BBC4 last night - great sojourn with Ian Dury and brilliant documentary about Stiff Records. It continues tonight and is showing the infamous Stiff Tour - you cannot miss it - I know you will love it. I've re-discovered the Pink Fairies - just wait for the next pooh! I've been meaning to raid my Stiff collection for ages. Ooh madam, Mrs Slocombe - nooo!

    PS: On a more serious note - I'm recording it all if you miss it by the way,

    RM xx

  3. Oooh, another Podcast! I'll download it later as I'm a bit busy today! Oh happy day! Podcasts to look forward to! Billy's too!

  4. JDA: Lucky bastard!! Brill, isn't it. Just love the ukelele and always imagine him with the long. plaited beard, wearing plus fours etc. Always up for Viv MP3s if you'd care to swap/compare notes:

    Ro-Mo: yes, brilliant evening's TV. Thank fuck for Beeb 4. Watched the Dury 9a repeat, I think) and the Stiff doc - taped the Stiffs at the Beeb thing. More tonight? What bliss!!!

    Will try to listen to yours on the train laters. Hope you are OK sweets - very sorry to hear your bad news. Thoughts are with you.

    Mollster. Yes, it's all go isn't it?? Hee hee hee!!

  5. Ah - now I know what cod reggae is - strange synchronicity context - was listening to Bob 20 on ipod in Twickers this morning - and even went into the BHF shop and bought 2 books. There were some right weirdos in there I can tell you. It made me laugh. Then I had to go and buy a bionicle for ghastly childrens party later and went home soya latte in hand. Oh how exciting. Loving the new pod Bob - and looking fwd to tonight on BBC4. Thanks for your concern - am fine - was a big shock - much worse of course for my friend. Quite indescribably dreadful. I don't know how people get over stuff like that. Anyway...I'm drivelling - got to go and wrap aforementioned piece of ugly plastic for hideous 6th birthday party at Isleworth Pool later. Ugh!

  6. I set the recorder last night for this Stiff program for ITV4 as it was advertised as such in The Metro.
    Needless to say I missed it...

  7. I've got it all on tape - I'll lend it to you if you want - there is more on tonight - possibly some of last night's repeated so check it out. Otherwise, my e is in my profile - send your address and I'll post it - quite happy to.

    Well, if you will rely on those free station newspapers that everyone leaves behind!


  8. Cheers for that RoMo, I'll watch tonight's part two first and see how I get on.

  9. It was great last night - lots of Damned/Pink Fairies/Ian Dury - class! Captain Sensible is,always has been and always will be my god.

  10. Cod reggae = anything by the Skatealites.

  11. RoMo - I approve of your religious tendencies. I saw part two last night, seeing Wreckless Eric on the telly is well worth the cost of the TV license.
    Just remembered...I saw Eric live supporting The Rutles at the 100 Club some time ago, line-ups don't get much better than that!

  12. I saw the Stiff thing. Ian Dury the man was a prince. But how bad were the Bellestars ha ha ha. I can talk, I think I bought that record when it came out.
    Downloading Co reggae as I type

  13. Ister...(etc.)

    I was at that self same gig! Who'd have thought, eh? That perhaps the legendary Rosbert Swipe has vomited all over the shoes of the legendary Ister the Twister the Hasta la Vista and neither had a clue??

    Great gig - I was *well* wrecked though, so can't remember a thing about it. Apart from the vomit, obviously. And the shoes...

  14. was nice of Innes to ask "Can you hear us?" after the first song.

    All I could hear was you throwing up.

  15. ooh - jifdump's recent post on the 'it's a small world'theory of us all being vaguely linked to each other more than we think are coming true!

    And Bob - you sound as if you might have been rather disgusting at that gig....

  16. "do not adjust your set, you are now entering the twilight zone" "do-do do-do, do-do-do-do" (that's the theme tune by the way)

  17. RoMo - Bob wasn't the only one caught up in that vomitting frenzy. Barrington Womble's Hawaiian shirt gave me a migraine!

  18. Oooh, this Podcast had rude words in it. Oooh Matron! I had to cover my delicate ears.