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Tuesday, 5 September 2006

In His Own Write...

I just love the layout of the 1960s Lennon books.

In case you can't enlarge the image, the text runs:

Good Dog Nigel

Arf, Arf, he goes, a merry sight,

Our little hairy friend,

Arf, Arf, upon the lampost bright

Arfing round the bend.

Nice dog! Goo boy,

Waggie tail and beg,

Clever Nigel, jump for joy

Because we're putting you to sleep at three of the clock, Nigel.

This poem in particular - as well as being a "larf" - is just so ostentatious with the white spaces. It seems indicative of the spaciousness of the era that produced the books and the songs, relative to our own. Imagine, for instance, a cost-obsessed contemporary publisher letting Alex Patrides or whoever waste so much paper to such seemingly puny effect....*

*His Grauniad column aside, obviously...

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  2. I once met Alexis Petridis at some media PR event. He pulled one of my colleagues. Keith Chegwin was there as well, so you could say she had a lucky escape.

  3. Such a cool poem...
    I thought he was a nice man :)

  4. That book is so lovely isn't it?