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Friday, 8 September 2006

The spinster's moon...

She is woken by the sound of two foxes fucking. Beneath the dry moon, abalone on Azurri blue, their shrill, alien shrieks reverberate off the cold night roofs in a brutish cacophony; a frenzy of despair. They sound as if they are being burned alive from the inside.

This is the sound of unfulfillable desire, she thinks, still half asleep but something familiarly wakeful resuming in her mind like some dull production line routine. The mystery of love revealed. This is what compels us - our hearts' song laid bare. A timeless, endless yelp we can't control. That is all I'm missing, she thinks.

As the foxes noisesome coupling resumes, her thoughts turn once more to him - the one who should be hers but is with someone else; a white rose stem held firmly in his bite. She conjures him up with a lazy wristed castanet click and they commune, the three of them, howling as they burn on in their slow hell.

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  1. 'A' spinster, I think you mean, Bob, rather than 'The'.

    No chances of foxes fucking anywhere near my house. They'd get mown down pretty sharpish by the chavtastic Knowle West* boy-racer crews in the area, or by the hapless police in hot pursuit.

    *I do not actually live in Knowle West. They, like the foxes, venture out at night.

  2. A brilliant post Bob. My favourite part is this:
    Beneath the dry moon, abalone on Azurri blue, their shrill, alien shrieks reverberate off the cold night roofs in a brutish cacophony

    Simply fantastic. You capture something quite frightening...the sound of the foxes is so disturbing when you first hear it. They are almost human.

    Clever intensity in such a short piece. It is amazing.

  3. I have rellies in Knowle West (by marriage I hasten to add, they are not members of the Billy family)

    The foxes are always fucking round here... it is VERY VERY loud and annoying.

  4. Foxes in Croydon never get the chance to fuck.
    They end up on a skewer quicker than you can say 'largedonorwitheverything'.

    Great post by the way.

  5. 'A' spinster,"

    Yes, but your ignoring, perhaps to justif the comment, my breaking the golden "capitalise every main owrd in the post title" rule in *not* capitalising the word spinster i order to avoid confusion with The Spinster.

    I can see the brand issuest this raises though, Spin - don't think I can't....

    Thank you all for the comments - a pretentious post, I know. But it felt right and sometimes you've got tomgo with the only thing you have to go by...(Christ, I wish I knew waht *that* was,,,)

  6. I'd like someone to run a grammar check on the above.

    Also, anyone willing to act as a pissed post monitor would be handsomely remunerated...