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Friday, 15 September 2006

Ro-Mo For Real #6...

I'm probably preaching to the converted here, but do have a listen to Rock Mother's latest double whammy of podcasts. You'll need tissues for #5 (, not for that...) It's very moving at the end. But genuine sadness aside, there's everything you could wish for - Prog pomp, racist cod reggae, Jools speaks! (Possibly Betty speaks too??) - who needs the wireless??

Still waiting for the first Bettycast - although *are* those her dulcet tones on Ro-Mo 5?? I think we should be told.

And I seem to be having trouble getting through more than 10 minutes of Croydon's finest's latest assault on the senses...Doesn't help that he's slagging me off in *Spanish* now either.....still, I'm a dull old cunt who likes soul music and owns a record by Sailor, so what the hell does my opinion count?? It's very loud and very rude and the Spanish bits are great. I'll try to listen to the next ten minutes later tonight, when the battery for my aid has recharged.....what's that you say? Is his van streaky?...

I'll post up links to any others that people have put up - just haven't been able to "do the rounds" this morning as I couldn't get in to Blogger.

I'd love to hear a Spinnycast, wouldn't you??


And Billy's on #4 now - I'll try and listen tonight Billster - keep it up!

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  1. I believe Molly had the same problem as you, Bob...getting through the 1st ten minutes that is.
    Not sure wether you were refering to technical problems or wether you were unable to withstand the first 10 minutes of the show 'entertainment' wise...

  2. Re: Budget-rent-a-vanski boy - I heard the whole lot - the first 15 mins I spent with my mouth gaping open in utter shock (in a nice way) - definately an assault on the senses but a bloody good one.

    I loved the interview with Jifdump - a sort of Derek and Clive meets original Steve Wright Show revisited - it should be ON-AIR properly.

  3. Ister the Twister the hasta la vista:

    Well, I just don't feel I learned much about you from it, is all Ister - and that's my bag right now. Other than that you think we're a bunch of cunts, obviously. Which many of us already knew - I certainly have no illusions otherwise, believe me. Howesy will no doubt confirm. It's not a criticism at all, just a personal preference. If I wanted to listen to the radio, I would. I prefer podcasts done by amateurs is all. I'm sure you'll go far with it, so don't worry about what I think - which I'm sure you don't.

    The guitar playing was ace though.

    I'll give it another go, it's just that I'm a bit old to be bashed over the head incessantly. Ro-Mo is a lot younger than me - she can *do* dahn wiv zer kids, unlike me...

  4. I'm currently listening to Sailor's Greatest Hits in tribute to you, Bob.

    I love the one about cars taking over the world. So prescient. When was it written? '27? '28?

    I think I'd be more likely to do a podcast than Betty because I'm more of a big 'ead. And that's pretty unlikely as I haven't got a clue how to do it and I'd be terrified of being done by the British Parlophonic Record Council For The Protection Of Elton John's Royalties.

    Also I've got a shit voice.

  5. And I STILL don't know what the 'cod' stands for in 'cod reggae'.

    Would you call The Sweetest Girl cod reggae?

    I know The Clash are Pub Cod Reggae. Wetherspoons.

    Why doesn't someone do a Cod Past Pod Cast? - 45 minutes of shite.

  6. No, no, no Geoff! You've done it now!


    The Swipe "We Want Geoff!!" campaign is lumbering into action as I speak. There is no alternative....

    You'll be in the second section of the Grauniad this time next year if you play your cards right!!

    I notice that someone in advertising was listening to tyhe Bobcast too, Geoff. They used Glass of Cham-piyne on thatnew M&S ad with the leggy birds in it...

  7. Damn I have soo much to listen to and not enough time.

    In answer to your footy related question we are entertaining Southend (or should that be Sarfend!) on Saturday ... of course you understand I have no doubt the game will be less than entertaining. I'm begining to think they should use the Albion as a punishment for young offenders rather than the ASBO, because sometime watching them is pretty much torture, an ASBO would probably be more humane

  8. you've got trouble? you should've been there mate...trying to keep a straight face thru that lot was nigh-on impossible!

  9. I'm getting a lot of searches on my dream blog (I did a post mentioning Glass of Champagne - almost typed Gallas of Champagne there - would've been an own goal).

    All the searches seem to be for "Let's get together the two of us over a glass of champagne Roxy Music".

    Poor old Sailor.

  10. Baggiebird - Watch out for Freddy Eastwood and Jamal Campbell Ryce of Sarfend...they played well at Selhurst Park.

  11. embarrased wavy hand plug Soundtrack part 3 is up and will try to do soundtrack part 4 tonight - Honest the stuff on part 3 is loads better than the stuff before it