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Sunday, 18 March 2007

All In a Good Cause...

I know I've probably come across as a bit of a curmudgeon on this Comic Relief thing, but grant me this at least - when I'm clearly in the wrong, I haven't the slightest qualm about holding both hands up in the most abject contrition. And never more so than now. Because you have to hand it to the producers of the Blog-Aid book. In the face of tremendous adversity, against all odds, they've only gone and managed to get the dang thing published!!

For anyone who hasn't been following, the idea was to get a selection of contributions - based purely on comic merit, using the time-honoured "did it make us snort our cocaine into our coffee" grey whistle test - from a selection of posts submitted by humble bloggers such as ourselves, the nation-over. A daunting task, as anyone who's ever tried to get the British media interested in *anything* that doesn't have as its core audinece either Reality TV-obssessed retards or paedophiles - or, indeed, to get something even vaguely amusing out of people employed in jobs so essential to the global economy that they allow them to spend 8 hours a day doing little more than posting pointless trivia about Kate Garraway's dietary problems on various internet chat rooms. But hold the phone - frabjous day (kalloo kallay, even) as the blurb affirms, no corners have been cut to insure that the funniest possible material has been anthologised. Anyone - and come on, admit it, there *must* have been a few of you! - who feared that this would turn out to be yet another collection of wanked-off-in-a-couple-of-seconds-in-between-doing-a-talking-head-spot-for-a-'documentary'-on-the-top-100-gravy-adverts-of-*all*-time-toss from a bunch of talentless, b-list, almost-celebrity cunt drips (and Anna "(The Guardian)" Pickard, bless....), well, I hope you're laughing on the other side of your faces now. For what we have is no less than this:

A collection of 100 short humorous pieces from the UK blogosphere. All profits from the sale of this book will be donated to the Comic Relief charity*. Contributors include Richard Herring**, Andrew Collins (BBC 6Music), Emma Kennedy***, James Henry (Channel 4's "Green Wing"), Abby Lee (Girl With A One-Track Mind), Catherine Sanderson (Petite Anglaise), Zoe McCarthy (My Boyfriend Is A Twat), novelist David Belbin****, Anna Pickard (The Guardian), and a diverse selection of some of the UK's most talented bloggers.

So, go out and buy a few thousand copies each - and let's have no more of this petty minded killjoy spirit. Mine's an £18,000 glass of mulled wine. Cheers - here's to the starving millions...

L.U.V. on y'all,


*I believe that will be making a few bob, but it would be churlish to expect a registered company to put its hands in its pockets in the same way we expect the 'ordinary' rate/taxpayer to...

** there are no parenthesis to help, so we'll have to presume he's Stewart Lee's mate...

*** you know, the one from......erm....

**** He also makes *excellent*, PC-friendly cables, i-pod accesories, wireless routers etc...

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  1. I shall order it now.
    I'm back by the way.

  2. How dare you!

    Those are my new friends you're talking about.

    Emma Kennedy's piece is about the time she was on a celebrity reality tv show for Comic Relief.

    See, she does have a real life.

  3. So did you put something in Bob? I had the fear of not being 'funny enough' so bailed out in the most pathetic manner.