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Tuesday, 27 March 2007

"For Your Pleasure in Our Present State"...

I was feeling quite low this morning, creatively so a big thank you to everyone who commented yesterday and cheered me up - in particular Ro-Mo and Spinny, both of whom I feared I'd upset once too often over the last few weeks on these and other pages. I hope that isn't the case - that *would* make me very sad indeed... I suppose because you know that people read, you feel you have to give them something good (or at least worth reading) *all* *the* *time* and one forgets too easily that the handful of people who congregate here every so often are usually far more forgiving of the odd dip than one is oneself.

I was, truth to mood, going to do a post that started like this:

The sun rose over the rooftops as garish as a 1988 Dutch national team shirt...

and ended like this:

"I can still see the razor line". There is an opening in the fence onto the railway tracks. I slip through. I lay my head down on the line and wait for the pillow to become a blade.


But then Nick Drake singing "This is the time of no reply" gave way to Bry. singing "For your Pleasure, in our present state", and I cheered up. Why? Well, when you hear the extraordinary, you are reminded that the extraordinary is possible.* Hard to achieve, perhaps - but possible. And sometimes that's enough.


L.U.V. on y'all,


*Drake is extraordinary too, but more on that later

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  1. Oh god - don't go listening to Nick Drake when you are down - you'll only feel more maudlin than you already are. I really like his music but can never listen to it without feeling sad and depressed at how unhappy he was and how sad it was that he didn't make it. Might have to go and blow my nose on a tea towel now (and put it straight in the washing machine of course!). Go and have a cup of tea and listen to something uplifting like Joe Dolce's Shaddap Yer Face - that'll sort out the wheat from the chaff. Luv on ya kidder. Romofo xx

  2. I find him quite calming, funnily enough Ro-ster of Mostest. Have you read Ian MacDonald's lengthy assessment of him in The People's Music? Really fine pop writing. He makes him seem a bit less tragic, if anything. He describes a memory of him from (I think it was Cambridge) as being the person in the room who was always nearest the door, the keenest to leave and I think he had that attitude to life - that it was just one room that led to another, bigger one.

    There's a calm, still beauty to his music that's completely at odds with the prevailing spirit of our times and I think that's one of the reason's he's come back into vogue with younger listeners.

    So, nuff respec to Mr. Drake - or Nick Duck, as S. calls him....

    "..friends of Rodney & Molly Drake!!"

    L.U.V. on ya,


  3. Swipey I thought you were talking above about Joe Dolce...

    Nick Drake; well he's just built his career around being Gabrielle Drake off UFO's sister.

  4. ...or Gabrielle Duck, as S. calls her...