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Monday, 19 March 2007


L.U.V. on y'all,


Bobcasts now available at iTunes!!

Visit me in MunterSpace - 10,000 Goth Girls Splattered in Feck Blood Can't be Wrong!!!!!!!!

Watch Bob's promos on Youtube

Listen to Bob's songs at!

Listen to Bob's songs at!

Listen to Bobcasts here!

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  1. Has the asbo been enforced yet?

  2. Erm...may I just "butt in" here amidst the handbags and say that I honestly enjoyed both the song and video.

    Your ingenuity with improvisation has saved you from splashing the cash on buying a fish-eye lens for the camera by using a kettle.

    Pure genius and I hope Spinster enjoys it too.

  3. FUcking hell, you go away to the Land of No Interweb for a week and look what happens.

    I am overwhelmed.

    (Nice kettle too, btw Bob)