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Tuesday, 27 March 2007

Extract From 'Sperm Competition in Humans'...

Foreword: Human Sperm competition and Woman's Dual Sexuality

by Randy Thornhill.

There is strong evidence that woman has a dual sexuality. During the fertile phase of the menstrual cycle, she shows mate preferences that are distinctly different from that at infertile cycle phases. Recent studies have found that at high cycle fertility, but not at infertile cyrcle times, women prefer the body scent, faces and behaviours of symmetric men over the same traits of assymetric men; prefer relatively high degrees of facial testosteronization in men, indicating fertile-phase-specific preference for another marker (in addition to symmetry) of potential male genetic quality; prefer scents (andostenone) related to high testosteronization; prefer relatively high degrees of male skin coloration (melanin- and haemogloin-based) that may correspond to elevated testosterone; prefer relatively high degrees of mental functioning in men (creative intelligence); and show relatively high levels of disgust about incestuous and other maladaptive matings. wonder he's Randy...

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