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Tuesday, 20 March 2007

It's Official...

...I am definitely flouncing.

After yesterday's shenanigans over at Betty's and my humiliation and degradation at the hands of the holier-than-thou readers of Village of the Damned resident Troubled Diva for daring to express a contrary opinion to the majority, this Deep Sea Diva will be laying low for a bit. A shame, as I had a nice podcast on the way and I felt that things were back on track with this blog after my rather neglecting it and my readers (apologies to both of you, btw) for some time. Still, as I've commented here before, 6 figure hits and the near-universal loathing that being the architect of a blog so seemingly out of step with virtually every right-thinking
person in the UK and the maelstrom of hate and bile that such marginality inevitably brings with it, alone can't buy you happiness.

So, in time-honoured fashion, I will be 'retiring' - oh, alright, slinking off, taking my ball with me so that no one else can play - for a little while and simultaneously returning my MBE to the Queen in protest at Britain's involvement in the Biafran war and Cold Turkey slipping down the charts*. All of it a very big shame, as it somewhat overshadowed my little musical/video tribute to one of my favourite bloggers, which I was quite pleased with but has evidently produced the usual heady cocktail of indifference and contempt. Still, she seems to have stopped reading anyway, so I suppose it doesn't make any difference in the long run.

On the subject of other bloggers, two more quick mentions before I dart back to the nefarious world of the feck blood-splattered goth girl (yes, that sound you can hear is all the "how-we-wattle-and-daubed-our-second-home-in-Cornwall" blog legions sighing with relief). Firstly, in my extended absence, you could all do a lot worse than visit Doris, a very talented and, I think, enormously funny writer. I nearly gagged twice, and had to stop reading after two posts, on my GP's advice. Mind you, he told me my cock was 'normal', but I bet his hasn't got bits falling off it. It's especially odd considering his name is Jeanette. Anyway, Doris' blog is called Stately Moans and I believe she is just another ordinary person, although knowing my luck she'll turn out to be Emma 'Kunting' Kennedy or someone else who is pointlessly well known and thoroughly rancid for it.

Lastly, my thoughts go out to Patroclus, in sympathy.

L.U.V. on y'all,


*I realise that the Biafran conflict ended some time ago and that Cold Turkey was released in 1969, but my attitude is that if it was good enough for John Lennon..

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  1. you're not seriously taking a "break" from the blogosphere?

  2. Bob - please check your mail. Ta.

  3. Just catching up on all the Comic Relief fall-out and I see Robert has been naughty. No surprise there. Off you go to the headmaster's office swipe.

  4. Oh no you don't, Swipe. Get back here immediately. Stop sulking and get back to work.

    I liked "Spinterella". And the video is inspired. I was just trying to think of some other words rather than F. Brill!

    I know where you live...

  5. Keep blogging, Swipe - plenty of readers out here!

  6. But...but...I only just got here! Don't flounce off now, just when I was enjoying it.

    Oh, and thank you muchly for the very kind endorsement. I promise I am an authentic nobody with low levels of rancidity.

  7. Not at all Bob - both the vid/song Spinsterella was/is great - re: asbo comment - perhaps I should have put in brackets (I am writing this laughing and smiling as I am joking rather than tapping words out tainted with vitriol and hate)? Going away now.

  8. There's no point in slinking off to your goth birds splattered in feck blood (even though they're a more tempting type of reader to have compared to yer average Croydon inbred blogger like meself), but by you taking a prolonged break from here will only encourage Photon to post more pics of Windass, which *simply* *will* *not* *do*!

    It's YOUR blog, you can and should say whatever the fuck you feel like wether you're sober, rat-arsed or of unsound mind in general.

    Seven words spring to mind here:
    let, grind, bastards, down. the, you, Don't,

    Sheesh, I'll probably get hate mail for daring to stick up for ya.

    Fuck 'em if they can't take a joke.

  9. >>>she seems to have stopped reading anyway>>>

    I've been away on holiday ya moaney auld fucker!

    (Off now round the blogosphere to see what you've been up to this time around.)

  10. You may definitely NOT flounce!
    shake it off...
    flip 'em off...
    come back to us.

  11. Hi, Bob,

    I think your core argument (raising questions over the validity of the whole Comic Relief project; the whole politics and pecking order of the blogosphere; perfectly fair points, whether or not one agrees with them) got mushed up with the feelings of people who'd put in a lot of effort for all the right reasons (especially Mike Diva) and those who were seeing their product in print maybe for the first time (eg Betty). I think they may have been a bit naive to think there wouldn't be some kind of backlash; to be honest, you may also have been a bit naive to think they wouldn't react so strongly.

    Rather than lying low, I think everyone ought to shake hands and agree to disagree and no harm done and sticks and stones and all that sort of thing. Like at the end of Bugsy Malone.

    And don't flounce. Well, not much.

    Love, light and peace,


  12. Can I throw custard pies at everyone and blow raspberries and then laugh and cry and laugh again and run around hugging everyone? Goodness - we are all just a bunch of troubled diva's really aren't we. I might have to consider therapy.