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Monday, 12 March 2007

Anonymous Post...

You are such a retard.

By Anonymous, at 11:18 PM

Not one of his/her best, I think you'll agree. (I think the 'faggot' one was much pithier, personally.) Still, we couldn't leave such fine erudition and crunching wit languishing in the comments field of a long gone post, could we? So, keep 'em coming Anon - I'm sure that all your wisdom and bon mots will eventually knock some sense into me. Hopefully we'll be back to our usual high standards soon enough....

L.U.V. on y'all,


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  1. Ah well, the rapier like wit of Oscar Wilde hasn't died out after all.

    Still, if you're offending people you must be doing something right. "I want those who get to know me to become admirers or my enemies" (Adam Ant, 1980-something or other).

  2. Too true, Betty - too true.

    I think it was something I said about Comic Relief. But who knows, really. I mean, as Kate says, "is there so much hate for the ones who love?"

    "How can they see the love in our eyes, and still they don't believe us?"


    Oh and thank you for listening to the podstercasters. I thought of you when we were watching TV doing Foxhole on the BBC New York sessions...

    Hope you're both well me dearie-o

    L.U.V. on ya,


  3. Re: 'You are such a retard.'

    The interesting part here is the addition of 'such'. Clearly the writer thought that 'you are a retard' lacked literary merit without some kind of qualifier. I imagine several preliminary drafts ('you are a total retard', 'what a retard', 'retardation is your lot' etc. etc.) being considered and discarded in favour of the final version. There may well be more to come...'such a retard' implies the existence of other retards for purposes of comparison. Hope this helps.

    Good podcast BTW.

  4. Aren't Americans the only people who truly use the word retard? Or someone really pathetic? Or both?

  5. I wouldn't worry too much about insults via blogger Bob, just think of them as a compliment and they disappear, it's a bit like imagining your audience naked to put yourself at ease.
    For example, someone recently called me "a lying, double-crossing toad..."
    Water off a duck's wotsit mate.

  6. If I called you a retard, I certainly wouldn't have gone under the cloak of anonimity.

    No need for me to do that.

    You're that drunk on 'buie breezers, you couldn't hit a barn door anyway.