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Thursday, 1 September 2005

Camp Britain

Hi de hi Swipesters!

It's not normally the function of this site to publicise charitable work. We here at Swipe Towers feel that in the current climate, we are duty bound to break with our time-honoured traditions and give a hefty pat on the back to an organisation that's been doing stirling work in the field for over half a century.

Camp is a part of the British culture and way of life and there are over 12,000 camp people throughout the whole of the UK. Children aged 6-16 years old from very different kinds of backgrounds go camp each summer and Camp Britain gives them the opportunity to learn new skills, try new activities, make friends and have fun!!

All camp people have their very own distinctive characteristics and unique qualities, however there are certain similarities; they are all prone to exagerrated homosexual behaviour, most have a lake or swimming pool, they all indulge in numerous comic activities, most prefer accommodation in ostentatious stately homes and lastly, all have very flexible wrists!!!

Why choose Camp Britain?

There is a huge variety of job choices available – television game show host, singer of mounful ballads to deceased ex-royals, you can work directly with children, teaching them sports, dancing or arts, or you can work in supportive roles including catering and administration. Whatever you decide there are thousands of jobs on offer all over the UK!

Unbeatable service
Since Camp Britain began in 1909, more than 150,000 people have flounced out to work in the States, so no one knows the business of cultural exchange better than we do. We also guarantee no hidden costs and unlike some of our competitors we will confirm your job and location before departure. In these times of difficult international relations, Camp Britain’s excellent reputation with UK government offices and embassies is more important than ever. Plus, the first 50 would-be campers to sign up will receive a signed photograph of Russell Harty, just like mine!

High chance of placement
Last year 90% of supplicants to our programme were placed in various camp roles throughout Britain. Our application process ensures that we recruit only the best applicants to be camp for the summer! This ensures a very high placement rate.

Here are a couple of comments that our previous participants had to say about their experiences on the programme. Next summer this could be you!

“Camp has taught me that the world is a much bigger and more diverse place than I had ever realised before. I have come into contact with so many people from so many different backgrounds, both kids and fellow counsellors alike and I am a better person because of it. You are awful, but I like you.”
Kieran Kinahan, UK.

“I spent a wonderful time with wonderful people who wanted to find out about me and my country as much as possible. I have made friendships that will last a lifetime. Now, if you'll excuse me, my 'tits' need a lift.”
Aleksandra Celler, Poland

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