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Wednesday, 21 September 2005

Yoga with GMTV's Penny Smith - Lesson 3

"The Silent but Violent"

Penny says: "This one really gets those adducter muscles going. As you can see, I often use a small triangular piece of black cardboard between the knees to measure the force of my clench. (In this example, I reached 7.19 on the clenchometer, as you can see. Not bad!) This was in my days as a yoga novice. I can tell by the gritted teeth and ungainly arm posture. In fact, I was straining so hard that Eamonn Holmes thought his luck had changed! Until he caught a whiff of it, that is. A good warm-up before one of our infamous GMTV marathon love-ins with the Topps Tiles weather girls. But remember, don't try to run before you can walk - it took me three years before I could blow smoke rings, and even then only with the help of a hand=pump!"

Love on y'all,


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