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Friday, 30 September 2005

Marion Mason - an apology

Howdy Swipesters!

Well, old big mouth, fast talkin' Bob's gone and done it again! There was I casting aspersions about the betrothed of the love of my life, when all the time it turns out I'd just caught the poor old soak on a no make up/bad hair day! Apologies to Mr. Mason for any inconvenience or embarrassment this may have caused. To attempt, however vainly to alleviate your suffering, Marion, here's a much nicer photo of you in your prime:

There, the scales have fallen from my eyes - I can now see why the lovely Dita

thought she'd gotten herself such a catch. In fact, I've kinda taken a shine to him myself!

So, look out Missy! You just went and got yourself some serious competition!!

Love on y'all,

Roberta Cecilia Swipe

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