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Wednesday, 14 December 2005

Revealed: "Twice Nightly" Whiteley in Double Tryst with "Twice Whiteley" Knightley. "Quite Rightly" says Donovan.

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Housewives favourite, the late Richard Whiteley, dated Hollywood star Keira Knightley twice according to documents and photographs released today. The cuddly Countdown host met the gorgeous English star in January of last year at an exclusive Knightsbridge restaurant where the couple enjoyed an intimate candlelit meal before disappearing together in a taxi. The unlikely pair were spotted at the same table a week later but sources claim that their third meeting the following week ended in acrimony with the stunning young actress depositing the contents of her champagne glass all over the amiable TV presenter before storming off alone into the night.

Whiteley in humdrum ba-rump-pa-bum-bum conundrum at last year's Countdown Christmas karaoke.

Whiteley's estate was remaining tight-lipped, but 60s Scottish folk star Donovan was supportive of the short-lived couple. "It's the pressure of fame, isn't it?" said the reclusive singer-songwriter. "I think it's really sad that they couldn't have made more of a go of it. OK, there may have been a bit of an age difference and no one in their right mind would ever have expected a young lassie like Keira to be able to put up with Richard's abysmal taste in ties and his inane snd irksome wordplay bantering for ever, but I think it's quite sad that they only got to do it twice, personally."

Flighty Knightley looks sprightly leaving Blighty in her Nightie - exclusive...

The Knightley camp was also playing a straight bat on the subject as the actress, currently on holiday in the Bahamas, prepares for her next film role as an eighteenth century matchmaker with remarkable ability to worry defences at set-pieces in Bend it like Emma. "This is just the sort of "Twice nightly" Whiteley in double tryst with "Twice Whiteley" Knightley style headline that the tabloid editors have been dreaming about for years. I won't even give them the satisfaction of a response", responded Keira's agent from his nearby yacht.

Donovan in unrhymable name conundrum....

Bend it like Emma begins shooting in February.

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