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Monday, 20 February 2006

Brian Damage - A Tribute....

Yo Swipesters!!

Regular readers will be aware of how we here at Swipe Towers are almost abject in our devoted hero worship at the expensively shod feet of that Master of the weblog, Brian Damage (Mrs.) Indeed, so extreme is our frenzied admiration for the soft spoken (and even softer skinned) Derryman that (and this is a real trade secret we're lettin' y'all in on here) we sometimes take a peek at what the "highly innovative and iconoclastic blogmeister" (What Blogger?) has been up to in order that we don't fall any further behind him than we already are. So, as it's probably his birthday sometime this year, (and, we'll be frank here, we were really stumped for something half decent to post this morning) we thought it was about time we here on The Robert Swipe Show paid full and earnest tribute to the man they're calling "The Alan Titchmarsh of the World-wide web" (What Hoe?) So, without further ado (or if you're an Arsenal fan, without further Edu to bring guile, steel and leftsided balance to the midfield), here is our loving homage to a wunnerfully funny guy who is not only a real gent, but also has the shapeliest legs in show business!!

10 Beatle songs about the current Bird flu epidemic.

(Editor's note: please notice that I have avoided all the obvious ones such as "And Your Bird Can Sing - well, it could if we hadn't had to have it put down)" or "Blackbird hanging by its feet from a hook on the ceiling of an abattoir with its throat slit in the dead of night" etc.

1. "I cull your name"
2. "Vet goes on"
3. "(Chicken)Run for your life"
4. "Across the uni-virus"
5. "Rabies in black" (come on, give me a break here - this stuff is harder than it looks you know)
6. "H5N1 after 909"
7. "(St)Rain"
8. "I want you (she's so aviary)"
9. "Within you, with outbreak"
10. Norwegian wood (this bird has flu)

I'm sure you'll agree that this is a worthy tribute to the great man himself (so it is) However, in time honoured Brian tradition, we invite you to send in your own entries if you think there are any we've missed out....

Love on y'all,


© 2006 Swipe Enterprises

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