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Thursday, 31 August 2006

Lucy Ellman...

From Man or Mango?:

She was alone, the days of her period not noted, her successes and failures, her ailments, her longings, her leanings, her lists, her lethargy, her current *address*, the anniversary of her mother's death, likewise her father's, her birthdays, the years of her life passing unnoticed, unrecorded, life eddying by unseen. Everything that a man who loved her might have concerned himself with, *not noticed*.

This is what it's like to be an old woman. No wonder they give up the reproductive display.

I love Lucy Ellman. In fact, she is she only writer who has actually taken the time and trouble to respond to my fan letter - even sent me a passport sized photo that I'm ashamed to admit I must have thrown away.

Then again, hers is the only fan letter I've ever sent....

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  1. Oh.

    That's a bit poignant.

    (I had a glimpse into my future yesterday when I helped an old, bewildered and alone lady across the busy Gloucester Road...)

  2. Oh...that is a lovely extract. And Spinny's comment is really heartwarming too.

    There is goodness out there, you know.

  3. Can you post up the letter you got back from her?

  4. I'm not sure I still have it Mollster. It wasn't among the stuff I quickly leafes through when clearing out the old vomily pile. I will, of course, if it ever turns up. I had a bit of a thing about her at the time, actually - there was no phone number though, so....

    You will get your reward for that in heaven Spin, I'm sure...

    Nice here, just the three of us, isn't it??

    A thorn between two roses....