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Tuesday, 30 January 2007

Bob's Back!!!!!

Well, after Spinny's heartfelt plea to have "old mad Bob back", how could I refuse??? Besides, under Roberta's *disastrous* stewardship, our ratings had plummeted to an alltime low, so I'm glad to have rid of the old battleaxe (although it will obviously be a bit of a blow to lose the burgeoning lesbians smeared in Shea butter sector that was just beginning to look like a goer...)

So, no more characters, no more hiding behind personae, just pure, undiluted Bobness, rotten cock, warts and all...

Now, get over and ****listen to the music you bastards**** or I'll have your link surgically removed!!!!

Love on y'all,


p.s. and before you ask, no I don't have a clue what a spinal erector is either, but I'm sure as hell getting myself down to Asda to order a brace of the fuckers....and who knows, maybe a delt or too as well....


Almost forgot - all ideas (I. Dears) welcomed please as to what the A. stands for? And before any clever clogs says it, I bagsy 'Arsehole'.

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  1. Ok Ok i'm going.....put down the scalpel and step away from the links ;-)

  2. I may be able to get you a spinal erector, but mark my words it will be messy.

  3. Well, judging by all the veinage on your back, Spinsterella should be happy, anyway.

  4. The 'a' is a female suffix or addendum. Roberta flushed hers down the toilet.

  5. Please can we have Roberta back?

  6. No, and just for your chhek Futon, there'll be no smut for you for a week.

    Consider yourself *grounded* young fellow me lad.


  7. Welcome back Bob! but who's going to wear the suspenders now?

  8. Are Messrs, HRH, Fry & Allen OK with you coming back to the slums?