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Thursday, 25 January 2007

That Roberta Swipe Wadcast Playlist in Full!!...

By popular demand!! (Well, JDA...) and in no particular order

Soul Limbo - Booker T & the MGs
The Girl With the Sun in her Hair (AKA The Harmony Hairspray ad) - John Barry
Greenjeans - The Fabulous Fleerekkers
Bloodsport - Killing Joke
The Big Ship - Brian Eno
Gnossienne no. (4 - I think it was 4) - Erik Satie
Venus de Milo - Prince
Telstar - the Tornadoes
Speed of Life - David Bowie
Beef Jerky - John Lennon
Lara's Theme - (will have to dig out the artist - I didn't think this through very well, did I...?)

erm....can't remember what else I put on. Let me know if there are any others you couldn't pick out Jifster. And thanks for your interest.

The rest of you - thanks for your apathy and indifference...

Also back by popular demand (well, Howesey said he quite liked it.....) is "Wallis", the song about everybody's favourite Aardman dog animation called Wallis [sic]. Just click on the ubiquitous myspace links to hear it....



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  1. Well i've managed to listen to some of your last wadcast befor my computer decided it didn't want to play anymore. So I will have to listen to the rest at home where I should be able to download the correct software to play it on. Anyway the 10 mins I did get to listen to I enjoyed, and am now looking forward to listening to the rest.......does this mean you now have to do another as promised ? ;-)

  2. Oi, less of the caustic comments Bobo! I'm only half way through it yet...we haven't all got yer trendy Tripods or whatever they're called. I am having to transfer them via USB on to wax cylinders so that I can listen to them on my phonograph machine. Analogue, you know; it's the latest rage!

  3. Thanks bb, glad you enjoyed the 10 minutes you got to listen to. That was the best bit, if truth be told. You wouldn't be missing much if you skipped the rest.

    I'm not sure what we agreed, bb. I thought by finally forcing you, dragging, kicking and screaming to listen to a 10 minute segment of one of my podcasts, I had fully discharged my responsibility as a decent, upstanding member of society. Between us, Bob and I have done 25 now - that's about a whole day's worth....Ro-Mo is still barely into double figures and has nearly ruptured herself in the process. Istvanski's given up and become a walking sandwichboard for Howesey...There's the still unproven Realdoc, I suppose, but dulcet and supple as she no doubt is, the woman's little more than a novice....

    I mean, what do you want....blood?

    Oh, alright - I'll probably do another one. Sounds of the Sixties, anyone?



  4. I may be apathetic Bert but I'm not indifferent. Just can't keep up with the output.

  5. Berta! Is it your time of the month dear? Bob warned us you could be a little catty.

    Barely into double figures - how very dare you!

    At least I don't have a brother with cockrot and halitosis x

  6. I think you're wilfully misconstruing me *dahling* Mo'er of Ro'ing. I was simply saying that you have put all that effort in - late nights, blush wine addictions and all - and nearly given yourself a hernia on your 13 casts. Imagine what poor old Bob went through to do nearly *twice* that number - and with a calliper too. I'm sorry if the truth hurts, but I won't have you lot slagging the old wanker off - he's flesh and blood you know and blood's thicker than the mud and all that.

    He's never been the same since the Stones special - but does he get any thanks for all the hours he's put in for you lot?? - apart from the Knighthood, ocviously....

    OOoooooh the public make me *so* angry....



  7. Only jesting dahhhhhhhhling - how's the golf?

  8. Still trying to get her 5 iron back from Larry David is my guess. He's so tight.

  9. Cheers Berta! glad to see you take your listeners queries seriously! I had my ideas about some of them, but wasn't sure....thanks for the clarification.

  10. Sorry Berta, I know i'm a troublesome youth and I appologise, but i really did enjoy the whole 10 mins I got to listen to and know I want more....Sounds of the Sixties....yes please ;-)

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  14. I spotted The Smiths on there as well.