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Friday, 12 January 2007

Myspace Message to the Lovely Richard Hawley...

Hi Richard,

Thank you *so* much for being a friend. I always *knew* you were the *real* brains behind Pulp. Well, you and Candida Doyle, anyroad.

Which reminds me, can you have a word with Cocker? He's still holding out on me. I wouldn't care normally, only Hank Marvin doesn't have a Myspace and I need someone with nerdy specs to keep Bruce Welch company...



p.s. That's Jarvis, not Joe. He signed up *ages* ago... he may look like a tramp, but he's got a heart of pure spun gold...

I know, I know...Candida Doyle was the *real* brains behind Pulp, but you have to butter these people up occasionally or they turn nasty...

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  1. Wasn't the real brains behind Pulp the guy who played the violin? Pulp's Eno they called him.

  2. Looks like I'm working with Jarvis next month - I'll have a word....

  3. No, you're thinking of E.L.O., Billy - Violinski. The Russian version of Nigel Kennedy, only he could hold about 40 more pasengers and had lots of bits added on that weren't on the Anglo-French version because the Russkies hadn't been able read the stolen microfiche properly. He was never quite as good as the original mind, and ultimately crashed at the Paris airshow - allegedly shot down by a French MIG fighter plane - although nothing has ever been proved conclusively on that score.

    Either that or Thunderbirds. Brains was the real Brian Eno behind the Tracey Brothers in my opinion...