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Monday, 8 January 2007

John Wesley Harding...

That's this chap...

....not the famous Bob Dylan L.P. of the same new. For some reason, an interview he did with Vivian Stanshall came up on the pod this morning. Interesting to hear the self-congratulatory king of "power folk" talking up his then current album, the listener aware as he could not have been at the time of how funny it would sound with hindsight, in the knowledge that said L.P. would sell precisely 5 copies.

I mention this for 2 reasons.

1) I saw JWH by accident at the Subterranea club. Lunatic mate-who-turned-down-the-chance-to-play-drums-with-Jamiroquoi had told me we were going to see South African trumpeter Hugh Masakele. It was only after "the support band" (JWH) had been playing for about 3 hours that the penny dropped.......Hugh must be *next* Tuesday.. Still, we did get to see Pete Thomas and van Morrison's orgaist, I suppose...

2) The unfettered joy of hearing a clearly bored rigid (and pissed) Viv say in his most urbane, radio 4 voice:

"I'm clearly well and truly under the influence.....but Wes, tell me about *your* influences..."

One question remains.




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1 comment:

  1. I used to go and see Hugh Masekela and Dudu Pukwana at the 100 club in 1983/84 - bloody brilliant. Glad I saw him then in such a small, sweaty venue - perfect.

    I saw Memphis Slim, Lucky Ranku and Manu Dibango there too - amazing.