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Wednesday, 3 January 2007

The True Value of Friendship...

As most of you will have noticed, I'm new around here and so it's taken me a while to figure out the lay of the land. For instance, I didn't realise Bob was such a hit with the ladies (Jeez - what did you girls *see* in him??) But I didn't realise he'd hooked up with such a well-heeled crew as you lot! See, as part of my research, I had a quick look over at and this was what I found out you were all worth.

Scary Duck (B$4,286.64)
Professional Spinster (B$1,337.65)
a hazy day today (B$933.72)
Brian Damage (B$830.31)
Postcards From The Yellow Room (B$791.16)
Goat Food (B$563.29)
Ceridwen Devi (B$537.22)
Leighton Cooke (B$400.80)
Geoff's Ordinary Blog (B$380.21)
¡Oye Billy! (B$370.48)
Was that me? (B$367.84)
mad musings of me (B$330.54)
Cultural Snow (B$326.14)
Betty's Utility Room (B$306.93)
The Voyage of Dick Headley (B$242.79)
Slinging Ink (B$206.56)
Seanycblog (B$204.92)
The Past; Present; and Future (B$180.36)
e b e n c h (B$167.74)
The Fluffy Economist (B$125.91)
Saki and Satire (B$120.40)
The Trouser Quandary Resolution (B$112.04)
mad musings of me (B$28.76)
A Tangled Rope (B$14.47)

So obviously Mr. Scary Duck and Spinsterella (whoever *he* is...) can expect a personal call very soon...

On the other hand, A Tangled Rope......Well, I wouldn't hold your breathe....



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  1. don't tell me...Spraying the Rays is in the Nationwide Conference? Just as I had feared. Maybe it's time for me to "dumb down" and not go on so much about Nuclear Physics, however fascinating the subject.

  2. Don't shoot the messenger, Stray.

    Anyway, I don't have time to go scrabbling around the bottom of the blogshare barrel, I'm afraid.

    Like Joan Rivers said about housework - "if God had meant for women to get on their knees, he'd have put diamonds on the floor..."



  3. Berta - what exactly ARE blogshares anyway?

  4. Dunno my little Tommy Vance-in-a-leather-mini-a-go-go-thon.

    But whatever they are, you are cash rich in 'em, it would seem.

    I appear to have had a disastrous iompact on Bob's assets, mind. Can't figure it out, personally....



  5. Ooooh not bad. How do you make your worth go up?

  6. Where do you find out how much you're worth Ms. Swipe.

  7. I think - I don't understand them at all.

  8. Seems I'm one of the few that on here that hasn't floated my worth on Blogshares, but why would I now that I have my very own breadmaker.

    Perhaps you should become a blog stock trader if the showbiz career doesn't take off?
    Would that be cash or cheque Ms Swipe, (or would you prefer to be paid 'in kind')?

  9. I'm rich, rich, rich beyond my wildest dreams!

    (Um, I don't actually understand all this either)