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Monday, 22 January 2007

Whatever Happened to Girl With a One Track Mind???...

Just kidding - I couldn't give a shit, actually. It's just that when I saw Bob at the weekend, in the brief interlude between hands of porno legends top trumps with Keith A., Stephen F., and our future monarch, he told me that if I wanted to get a *real* big audience to plug my *NEW SONG* to, I should just give GWAOTM a namecheck and I'd be *inundated* with speccy tossers off google all arching their backs to see what in the blazes the monstrously libidoed old tart had got up to now (*his* words, not mine...)

I'm not convinced, but how can a novice like me argue with a *genuine* *legend* of blog??

In any case, it just goes to show - there's only one thing worse than being talked about....



Oh, and you can hear the new song HERE....

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  1. Good one Berta. I don't think I can improve on Honeybane's comment...

    "MCG very cool! Reminds me of early Bowie meets Velvet Underground. xx"

  2. New? Ho Ho! and other punctuation marks'?/%&£()++## and my own personal fave ~


  3. What Honeybane comment? She munterspaced me last night. I'm playing a new song of hers on my next podcast. For once I actually sought permission from the artist.

  4. You speak for yourself Istvanski sir, as I type, the available members of the Dave Howes Band are spanking planks feverishly in the studio to produce new aural delights! (or, more truthfully, they're making the same old row, just in a different order. I think Fingers has found an harmonica in the back of a cupboard by the way.)

    What with all the fences blowing away, it's "nowt but fields round 're" again. Happy days!

  5. Well I've been thieving wood from the park behind the house where a big tree fell down in high wind last week - that Jif really has got a strong bottom hasn't he to reach across Surrey like that? Someone should get him those new special pants that block fart power and lock it in so the general public can stay safe in the knowledge thay will not be blown down by his insistent trumpets.