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Tuesday, 10 January 2006

Parsons Knows.....

Each week, we ask renowned author and journalist Tony Parsons to tell us a little bit more about some of his friends in the media.

This week: Ministry of Mayhem presenter, Holly Willoughby.

Tony says:

I've known Holly for several years from the days when a lot of these children's presenters were working in waitressing and behind the bar at places like the Groucho Club. It's a cracking little mover, ain't it? Fantastic pins - and not arf bad in the kitchen neither. It makes a lovely creme brulee an' all - right handsome it is after one of her hotpots, I can tell you. It's good with the kids an' all - taking them down the supermarket, helping them to bung food items into other people's shopping trolleys. I will say this about Holly though. It don't arf sqwuak in a most un-ladylike fashion. And if there's one fing guaranteed to put me right off a bird, it's sqwauking and making silly rapper-style hand movements like some two bit would-be MC on a Peckham housing estate. Mind you, when it gets all kitted out in the Polly with the Trolley get up, I must say - it can do what it likes wiv its hands!!

"...ere, 'Olly - any of that custard pie gets on my suit, I'll knock you to kingdom come. Now, where's me tea??"

(Well, it's Oswald Boateng, innit?)

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