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Wednesday, 25 January 2006

Swipe Show First Western Blog to Break Into New Chinese Market - Exclusive!!

Yo Swipesters!!

And a very warm Ho Chi Minh* to all our newfound Chinese Readers!!

Yes, thanks to the introduction of, millions of people in the People's Republic are waking up each day to a warm dollop of smut, vitriol and pathetic in-jokes about Rowan Pelling just like all our regular readers in the west. That's right, it really is a lil old global village, right enough! As Google has complied with requests from the Chinese government to filter out web content that may destabilise or corrupt the Communist regime there, we are pleased to announce that The Roberta Swipe Show is one of a handful of western blogs to have been given state approved status and, consequently, a prominent position in the new search engine's ranking system!

The editrice of China's own Erotic Review. Ro-wun-Pi-Ling with the gasman who has come to give the old boiler a good seeing to...."

This means that we are poised to be one of the most-widely viewed sites in the burgeoning Chinese blogosphere!! Obviously, with our new readership will come responsibilities as well as rights and freedoms. It goes without saying that we will have to be careful to present a balanced view of life over here and in China itself, much as we already strive to do in compliance with Hazel Blllllleeeeeeuuuuurgh and her HARSH NEW ANTI-TERROR LAWS!! Consequently, there'll be no mealy-mouthed criticism of China's terrible human rights record here!! No, we won't be feeding you any reactionary propaganda fuelled by renegade Capitalist lackeys suggesting that surveillance, torture and politically motivated murder are rife in the glorious Communist State. No, we're right behind the regime and we can't wait to give you accurate, unbiased and completely trustworthy updates on how our brave boys are getting on in Tibet, doing battle in the name of freedom and economic prosperity against the evil hordes of that hateful ogre the Dalai Lama (kwuck-phutt).

The Dalai Lama (kwuck-phutt): "Evil bastard, monstrous tyrant, vile corruptor of The Party, tonight - this is your life!"

So, it gives me great pleasure to welcome aboard all our Swipe-loving friends in the PRoC and to wish you a hearty, state-approved,

Love on y'all!!

(And could we have a little more soy sauce on the #38 please?)

*Chinese for Yo Swipesters!

© 2006 Swipe Enterprises

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