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Thursday, 2 March 2006

43 Best Blogs - A Web Insurrection.

Yo Swipesters!!

Well, it's Friday again and as the working week lurches painfully towards its paralytic denouement, we here at Swipe Towers thought we'd liven up the proceedings with a little piece of web anarchy. That's right, we're coming out with all satiric guns blazing in our increasingly forlorn attempts to bring The Robert Swipe Show to the position of national prominence that you, our loyal and devoted readers, know it truly deserves (...and thanks to all three of you for sticking with us through all of this....we really can't tell ya....)

Once again, we have been overlooked in the latest compendium of the nation's best blogs. Are we downhearted? Well, obviously - but we ain't not gonna take it lyin' down no more, lady! In protest at this shocking oversight, we here at The Show have been taking part in a series of guerrilla style sorties in which we have been posting the following message in the comments field of the 43 (supposed) best blogs as a symbol of our refusal to accept this hideous hierarchy so at odds with the blogosphere's potential for random

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