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Monday, 13 March 2006

Blanche Librarian's Library Rules!!!

[Whispering breathily:] As y'all can see, I done been doin' a lil tidyin' up around the place. Why, I could scarce believe ma own eyes when I done seed the state of them there links - all mixed up and higgledy-piggledy like a hog on heat had done run right through 'em. So now if y'all cares to take a little looky there over on the right, y'all gone see them there bloggers an' links been done up right good an' proper, all in alphrabetical order like the good Lord inten'ed. Why, them darn near looks almost as perty as me, dun' they jus'?! Why, thems neat as a spinster's garter for a gentleman caller, so's y'all can skip quickly from The Show here to y'all's favourite blogs and sites without all the hey down hootenannyin' y'alls had before! It's called ORDER, n'us folks down south gets perty het up 'bout order, 'f'ya unnerstan ma meaning.... We dun took us too kindly ter an-ar'kay 'n' chaos 'n' all - we dun gettin' 'nuffer that'n Eye-rack with out folk clut-rin' up that there cyber-space wi' badly ordered blogrolls an' all!

On'y trouble is, I done worked up such a darn sweat tidyin'up the place, it's fair rollin' down ma crevices like a mess o' baby oil down a turkey gizz'rd. Mmmmm, this lil ol' lady's fair sizzlin' like a slice of spat on bacon in a copper bottom griddle pan...... why, darn it to Murgatroy', only thin' fer it's I'm done gone have ter peel off this-y here PVC overcoat......'n mebbe this here wrap 'round top.....Gee whizz, ain' that a dandy!!??

Now hold on a cotton pick'n' moment there - will y'all'll stop a-peaking' through them there gaps in the Biological app'ratus 'n' surgical supplies section. Why, cain't a lady not get no privacy none to peel off her sweat soaked attire down to her lacy hos'ery in the middle of a public library anymo' without sum'nin' up a crowd like Kentucky Derby Day????

Shhhhhhhhhhhhh, y'all!


© 2006 Swipe Enterprises

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