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Tuesday, 7 March 2006

Spooky "post that never was that comes back to haunt me" type post #2,367

Yo Swipesters,

Regular readers will be aware that occasionally, try as we might, the pressures of providing a high quality daily post to our readers around the globe occasionally become too much for us and, loathe to admit it as we may be, an honest assessment sometimes reveals our offerings to have fallen belown the (admittedly high) benchmark we aspire to. Today's Linda Barker post is a case in point. Brief, poorly illustrated with barely an haunch of bare flesh and consisting of no more than three badly executed gags, it almost made Saturday's Penny Smith and yesterday's Larry David posts look good. To come to the point - we tried, we failed and we're sorry.

But then an interesting thing happened. Obviously, these posts don't happen in isolation - we often have several ideas percolating at the same time. This was one such potential post that came to me on my way into the office but that didn't quite make the cut:

Is God an i-pod?

This morning's divinely inspired sequence in shuffle mode:

Panic - The Smiths
Baby's on Fire - Eno
Black Tambourine - Beck

[random list of tracks ad nauseum...]

OK, it's trite, unformed and barely recognisable as a Robert Swipe Show post so it didn't get any further - understandably. But get a load of THIS article in today's Grauniad....

Spooky, huh?

Which just goes to show that i-pod really does work in mysterious ways! And what's more, today's post could have been a helluva lot worse...

Anyways, in honour of His Holiness and to make it up to our patient readers, here's a big picture of Terri Hatcher..with legs!!

Love on y'all,


© 2006 Swipe Enterprises

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