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Friday, 12 August 2005

Boolean Logic #4665

Hi Swipesters,

Hope the weekend was cool for y'all.

Regular readers will be aware of this feature, my little old celebration of the joys of random blog browsing. This week's trawl through the world of weblogging has revealed a veritable cornucopia of interesting/entertaining blogs. Here, for your delectation is a sample of the best:

First up is Evil Beaver/Ride the Beaver: the official site for Evil Beaver

Sorry if some of you are disapointed that this one doesn't live up to the billing, but I think it's great. I'll leave you to pick sides in what appears to be one helluva dang slanging match. I'm completely neutral in all of this, you understand. All I will say is this: Evie, you are one helluva sly old Beaver, you! My eternal thanks are owed to all those good folks at The UN Security Council who first alerted me to this sorry site.

Next up

Old radios

Not really much to add, so definitive is this site. A must!

Stalinism is less a blog and more a portal to a whole world of cyber leftism. Hey guys - what gives? Are we talik' 'bout a revolution here?

Nest up is Toffeewomble

Lots of good comedy type jackjapery goin' down on novelist and hamster baiter Sean's blog. Keep it real, Seanny boy!

And finally, Once-a-pon-a-time

Click on this baby if you want to enter the mind of one seriouly disturbed individual. Maybe it's just me, but I think this guy's looking at a very long stretch in Belmarsh if he ever acts out any of those saddo teen-angst poems. Or does he really want everyone to die? Go figure...


Just coming through to Swipe Towers on the wires:


Well, I've been scratching my head on this one for a while, so a big Bob Swipe thank you to Jay-dub for giving such a sensible and reasoned explication of our current occupation of Iraq. Yep, apparently it's all happening so that tedious middle class American nerds can have a hard-on about going out and killing as many Arabs as they like. Well, Jay-dub, I wish you luck out there and I'm sure that your decent American family values will go along way towards winning the battle for hearts and minds.

a browse around this site, written by the people you have so kindly liberated, should give you some powerful motivation to continue the good work you are doing in bringing freedom and democracy to the country.

God bless you, Jay dub.

And love on y'all.

Kaplinsky watch: No 1,453 Monday, 15th August

Attire: Lilac power pants/suit type thing.

Shoes: (?) Matching SMERSH stillettos

Hair: 8.8 on the PCMS (Post-coital/Mussing Scale)

Eyes: Removed? Possibly borrowing someone else's smaller pair?

Last night's motto: "you're hurting my arm" - think Peter Lorre.

Demeanour: Post-coital Sudoku'd to death.

Smile effort estimate: 9.6 %

Turnbull annoyance factor: Full-on.

Kaplinsky watch is a non-profit organisation. To make a donation call 0898 288 666 3777 2666. Together we can stop this degrading, barbaric and pointless blah blah blah.

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