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Tuesday, 30 August 2005

Morton Shadows' A-Z of Rock 'n'Roll Music!

Howdy Swipesters,

The Robert Swipe Show is proud to introduce a new feature brought to you with the kind assistance of station W-KRUD out of Doom, Missourri. What this guy doesn't know about Rock 'n' roll music just ain't worth knowing! And now, thanks to our generous sponsors, Simian's Choice Monkey Pomade, we'll have the chance to dip our cans in his fantastic pool of knowlege. So, ladies and gentlemen, will you put your hands together and give a fantastic Swipe Show welcome to the one, the only, your very own.....Mr. Morton Shadows!!!!

Yo-di-doo-di folks,

This here week we gone start our 'lil jaunt back down the ages o' rock at that 'lil biddy ole letter B.

B is for.......

Betty Boo.

Betty Boo (Realname, Elizabeth Boo) began life as a cartoon character but had pretty soon wowser dowsered her audiences by transforming into a boo-ty luscious sex goddess. With her quirky musical sound and feline-erotic image, Boo was set for international acclaim as the hits ("My boo-merang won't come back", "My boo-merang still won't come back", "My boo-meringue won't come back", "My Boo-mer-ooooooowwwwww-dang-it-ta-hell-my boomerang just came back") kept rollin' off the production line. The only way was up for space cadet Betty until her career nosedived in 1990. Tragically, Boo's world collapsed when, poised to sign for Celtic, she failed a medical and has been languishing in the Scottish 2nd division ever since.

Keep on Rockin'!!!


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