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Thursday, 25 August 2005

Just say no!


Never let it be said that I do not have the moral interests of my flock at heart. At last, someone else has come out - and I use the term advisedly - and said what needs to be said! I'm right behind you guys - sorry, t-girls - (and I must say the view is particularly pleasant) and I am urging all right-thinking Swipesters to put one of these in their window ASAP:

I will also be organizing a "Transformer" burning session just as soon as I can scrape the change together for some lighter fluid and an oven glove (although, where am I gonna find one that goes with this dress? And before any of you start getting the white sheets and hoods ready, that's the famous LP by fabled American gnome, Lou Reed - not any persons known to engage in the art of cross dressing - or, if you're a hip Washingtonienne like me, Decepticons.

Keep our streets free from this type of threatened minority who could all do with our support!

Love on y'all,


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