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Thursday, 25 August 2005

More Washington post humourous word things

Hi Swipesters,

You remember the deal? You take a word, substitute a letter and blah-di blah-di blah...

OK, here goes,

Gondoleeza Rice: US secretary of state takes up new post as a Venetian waterboat pilot.

Brie Pop: 1990s British pop music genre made entirely from soft French cheese.

OECD: exhaustive compendium of words in the English language, obsessively/compulsively arranged in strict alphabetical order.

Defunestration: windows with all the fun taken out of them.

Promenstrual: it's the other three weeks that really suck!

Spand up comedy/comedian: e.g. Axl Rose on stage at the Comedy Store.

Canvivial: a pleasant evening of idle banter, a couple of guiness perhaps, with Holgar Czuskay and his experimental avant garde colleagues.

Non vivant: dead.

Glamdular fever: Sweet, Slade, Alvin, T-Rex, Bowie all bring you out in a hot flush and leave you incapable of performing the simplest task.

Binter: girl talk.

Binteresque: girl talk interspersed with lots of lengthy, enigmatic pauses.

Tandouri: particularly unappealing curry dishes, especially unpopular in Yorkshire etc.

Petribillionaire: one who has made his/her fortune through the sale of considerable numbers of kidney-shaped laboratory dishes.

Farse: Brian Rix-style sex comedy, only with even more bottoms.

Keep 'em comin' in!!

Love on y'all,


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