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Thursday, 4 August 2005

English Cut

Hi Swipesters!

How's it hanging? I trust you've all dressed on the right side this morning (or the left - whichever is your preference...)

I was recommended to look at the site above by an old school chum who's over here in DC at the moment. It's a really nice reminder of the old country and I'm starting to regret having let silly old picky Miss Joan Collins and her prophecies of imminent apocalypse scare me off from a little old visit.

So a big thanks to Tom Mahon for this lovely site, so redolent of all those lovely afternoons spent sipping lemon tea and nibbling cucumber sandwiches on the lawn. In fact, it's brought back so many pleasant memories that I almost don't have the heart to point out that they've missed out a letter on the heading....Ah - no one'll notice Tom!

Kaplinsky watch: No. 128: Friday 5th August, 2005

Attire: Stiff creme safari number, ( think "Woman at Roger Whittaker" (jodhpurs??) and dwarf Anne Robinson specs (hmm)

Shoes: Ostentatious flip-flops, no socks (real rubies -or [prob] faux?)

Hair: 6.8 on the PCMS (Post-coital/Mussing Scale) Drool/yoghurt traces? [New styling/sickle-like side extensions perhaps]

Demeanour: Unfeasibly frisky.

Smile effort estimate: 15.7 %

Oh, sorry - someone has correctly pointed out that it was Kate Silverton this a.m. Kate rocks.

Kaplinsky watch is a non-profit organisation which aims to outlaw this degrading, barbaric and pointless sport.

Love on ya,


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