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Friday, 26 August 2005

More Washington Blah-di blah-di blahs

Howdy Swipesters,

Well, overwhelmed as I was by your requests for more mindless word games, how could I refuse?

G.I.T.T.: unco-operative, unlikeable signatory to the General Agreement on Trade and Tariffs.

Peroxide blind(e): you really should have paid more attention to those how to apply instructions...

Fix hunting: red coated toffs on horse back with packs of dogs chasing frightened, exhausted syringes over open country. Now illegal, apparently.

Terence Trent D'Arcy: dreadlocked hero of Victorian romance.

Chaptering classes: media high flyers who painstkingly divide their output into smaller segments, thus easier to absorb - often with seperate headings.

Galpacho: cold, Spanish, garlic heavy spoup beloved of young ladies.

Garpacho: cold, Spanish, garlic heavy spoup beloved of fictional John Irving character.

Gaypacho: cold, Spanish, garlic heavy spoup beloved of homosexuals.

Gaspacho: astonishigly good cold, Spanish, garlic heavy soup.

Fiberace: lying bastard, gay piano showman.

Bono marrow transplant: 50% are succesful and allow patients to live as normal a life as possible when you wear silly compound eye glasses, leather trousers and can afford to have your favourite trilby flown halfway around the world, first class.

Grumpian: particularly miserable part of Scotland

Shitheed: when standing near the fan, be alert at all times.

Love on ya,


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