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Tuesday, 9 August 2005

Friends Reunited blurb #367

Hi Swipettes,

I've had a lot of requests to put up some of my witty Friends reunited comments. (OK, that's bullshit - I haven't had a single request - I'm just bored and have too much time on my hands and need to get a life and recentre myself after the re-surfacing of my old problem...etc. etc.) But anyways, here's the most recent. This will be a sort of on going mini-series over the next few decades as per usual. I will post up here so there's no need to look at that silly (and expensive) site anymore. Here goes:

What I'm doing now:

Just about to be deported for inciting racial hatred and spreading my vile and pernicious interpretation of Buddhism through the Temples of London. Yes, that is me dangling an effigy of Jose Mourinho outside the Rada Krishna Temple and no, I won't take it back - he is still an arrogant Portuguese Arse.

I will be moved to Malmö, where I will be under house arrest with 70 nubile virgins (yes, you heard right - I WILL be getting my heavenly reward on earth!) God's a bastard, isn't he?

Go to:

for more about ethnic cleansing and a serialization of my novel: CITY OF PHLEGM: A CRIME THING. There really is some very high class pornography up there now and, well, it has been paid for, so what are you waiting for? I've had to remove the tapirs though. Bloody RSPCA...

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