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Sunday, 27 August 2006

The All Vinyl-Sourced....

.....Bobcast 14 is up now...


Bobcasts now available at iTunes!!

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  1. Enjoyed this one Bobster...the vinyl gives it a different quality of sound...softer. I loved the covers. And I like the way you start talkingreallyquickly at certain points so that you can fit it all in. Enjoyed the Television very much..hope Betty likes it.

  2. Please may I leave a little message for RoMo here...I hope it is blogger that is playing up and not your blog disappeared. We love you RoMoxx

  3. Thanks Mollster - glad you liked.

    Yeah, come on Ro-Mo - you're the tops. Please don't be doing a Brian DamageTown-Self-Massacree!!

  4. Bob - just listened to bobcasts 12 and 14. Fantastic - great music, thanks for doing these. Keep going - i'll catch up with the others.

  5. As Jeeves would no doubt say if he was podcaster - "one endeavours to give satisfactio, sir...."

    Thanks The Whalester. I'll keep doin' em if y'all keep litening...



  6. Yeah well I'm sure it's very good...all I get is nobody@localhost whatever that means. Hope rockmum's OK too. Looks like one of those weeks. Dick.

  7. Yes yes yes I'm here! I've been camping (oooh matron - corrrrr!) for two days. I'm very flattered by all the concern but really - I am fine. Bloody hell - Bobcast 14! I've only just listened to 13 which I enjoyed immensely - keep em coming Bob - I don't listen to the radio anymore just Bobcasts!

  8. OK I got there. Thanks Robert. And thank you Sam Cooke. Still having trouble with rockmum. The twelve blokes from Bogota looking for bukkake keep finding me OK.

  9. "I don't listen to the radio anymore just Bobcasts! "

    Well, that's the whole idea, isn't it? I mean, and Ro-Mocasts and Billycasts and Ivanstercasts and Joolscasts and Mollstersingingthroughapieceofcardboardcasts etc...

    Next one's a real weeze - hop you lile it RM - I only did it to urge you out of retirement!!

  10. Tried to listen to this bobcast and it always cuts off at the point where Fab Macca says "I've had enough". Is this a conceptual joke? Is Macca trying to send a message to *Lady* Mills Macca through the medium of bobcast?

  11. Whew - listened to Bobcast 14 on various combinations of the District Line, the Piccadilly Line, the Bakerloo Line, and the Silverlink Metro today. Such a welcome and wonderful companion to my journeys Bob. Loved this one - they are all mighty fine - I've saved each one and listen to them on a rolling basis. Marvellous - don't give up - and AGAIN (!) I lined up bloody David Essex for my next pooh(cast) when I get around to it that is and blow me - you've gone and done it again - are you hacking into my playlists by the way? Of course I jest - I've got to go and have another rethink yet again! By the way - for the record - I am actually NOT a big fan of GNR at all - strange but true - I think Axl is a twat but think Slash is ok - don't really like their music though. x