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Friday, 11 August 2006

Listen With Rock Mother...

Yep, you thought the Bobcasts were good? (Come on, humour me here...) Wait 'til you hear the legendary Mother of Rock's new podcasts!! We were granted a sneak preview yesterday and we must say we were really knocked out ( is actually the best way to listen to them - completely unconscious... The 'buie breezers helped, of course...) But seriously, the can we put it....melange of classy rock 'n' roll, knitting patterns, (possibly bomb laden?) low flying aircraft and the humourous interludes (yes, those really are Rock Mother's own children being tortured in the background!) conspire to make an aural feast of bona fide radiophonic (...come on Bob, how much is she paying you here? Financial ed.)

So, as the demure lady herself would no doubt say - "come on you shitters!". Get in there and Listen with Rock least you know you won't have to put up with me singing.....(or will you????? He added enigmatically in a misguided attempt to sabotage Ro-Mo's cast even more than he had already by plugging it in the first place...)

For those about to R-Mo....

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