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Wednesday, 9 August 2006

Molly's Quiz Night...

Well, as if blogging and podcasting to the poor huddled masses were not enough, tonight Bob takes his first tentative steps into the world of Light Entertainment (the new Tommy Steele or wot, eh???) Gorgeously scrumptious Penelope Wilton lookalikey The Mollster

has invited Your Humble Scribe to take part in the first of her 'Live' quizzes and being the desperate, fame-obsessed, grubby little attention seeker that I am, how could I refuse? Well, quite simply by saying 'no can do Molls', as I did. But she's a persuasive wee hussy is The Mollster (especially when she's got you in a half-nelson and has started greasing up the marigolds...) and so after a protracted haggle over the fee (in the end, she said I could give her the thirty pounds in installments over the next few weeks, which seems reasonable...) we agreed to all 'meet up' at her place where she will hopefully be presenting a little you-tube intro piece (I'm probably asking too much for her to be scantily clad and smeared in fek blood, I suppose...??) before the serious intellectual jousting begins. I say intellectual, but with Ro-Mo,


and Betty

and self taking part, I can see the whole thing lapsing into a frenzy of 'buie breezer based acrimony and name calling before too long. (I know, why she had to ask those two to get involved, I'll never know...It's bad enough at home without being privy to other people's domestics...)

To conclude, I'm sure you'll all join me in demanding of the Bettster, where on earth we can hear her All-Wimmin, Feminist Art Terrorist Collective, The Low Breasts, as alluded to in Saturday's post on her excellent blog thing. I've done extensive web-based research and found nothing, nyet, nada. Mind you, I suppose there's always Ask Jeeves....

So come on The Bettster - let's have a link and I'm sure we can rustle up a big Swipe Show buzz for you (this boy's a fool etc. etc.

Kick off is at 8pm - go on, it's bound to be more exciting than the Liverpool game....

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