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Thursday, 10 August 2006

The Great Dejevsky, Brooker, Alibhai-Brown, Street-Porter Blogging Debate - Bob Weighs In...

Well, it's not all getting pissed while virtually schmoozing a bunch of people you've never met and making inappropriate remarks to (the it has to be said, rather PHWOAR!!) Heather (...yes, yes, I know - she's far too young and intelligent for me. I'm just trying to perpetuate another running gag as it seems The Spinster has finally run out of patience with's only a harmless bit of fun [says Bob as he sharpens an exquisitely evil looking surgical implement and laughs maniacally into his collection of fek-blood-splattered Goth girl pornography...]) Apologies again Heather - it was just the booze talking. I don't really want my children to look like you. Well, not my sons, anyroad...

But, seriously. There has been a lot of discussion on a variety of blogs recently about comments made by several journalists (and Janet Streeeeet-Pour-tar) concerning the blogging community. Others have posted on this very well too, but as I have to make up for my actions last night, I'm focussing on (The it has to be said, rather PHWOAR!!) Heather, who has summarised them rather eloquently here. I won't bore you with a paraphrase when with one click you can be reading the Heathster's impeccable prose. Suffice to say, I'm in complete agreement with everyone who's contended these 'official' commentators' assertions that we are banal, inarticulate and that rather than democratising the culture, our blogs are reducing the level of debate to the level of the playground.

And if any of you them happen to be reading, all I can add is this:

Charlie Brooker, Mary Dejevsky, Janet Street Porter and Yasmin Alibhai-Brown - just do one, will you? With knobs on. So there. Nerr!

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