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Thursday, 24 August 2006

The One After The One With The Photo...

I feel very low. Very down. Lots of reasons.

This week has been the best I can do and it doesn't seem to me to be enough. That's a pisser.

Blogs are shit, aren't they??

They make everything seem possibile. When the hits and the comments come, you can walk on water. Butwhje they don't...

But nothing changes, regardless of the nunber-crunching. And when you are read, all you get is new things you can't have. New relationships that aren't really relationships - couldn't feasibly occur because *this isn't real life*. And the "choices" you think you're being given aren't *really* choices at all. They're just invitations to wreck your life in no discernably good cause. And yet, there's always that glimmer thing...

This is the first ever post I put up, August 2004:

Another day wasted. 7 hours Shuttling between the website of Spanish daily and Real Madrid mouthpiece, La Marca and the Grauniad Ulnimited's Football talk forum for an end to the Vieira nonsense. Just about worth it for the pitiful automated translations, I suppose:

"33 million euros are the price that finally is going to cost the crossing of Patrick Saw Real Madrid. The agreement seems total and only lack that the advice of administration of the Arsenal gives o.k. to the agreement at which the leaders have arrived from both clubs after the conversations maintained in the last weeks. Altogether, nine million less than what the Arsenal requested and three more than what offered Madrid. The presentation can be carried out east Friday or at the beginning of the next week."

Please let it be over by 'east Friday'.

Still, more intelligible than the Grauniad posters. (Half expect someone to butt in with "shoulders on that" Swipey). Something peculiarly sexy about the whole thing though - chat rooms, that is, not the Vieira business. For some reason, I have developed a virtual crush on Helen6613. I don't know if it's the matronly tone, the husky drawl I've attributed to her words or the the foul-mouthed smutty innuendo and graphic sexual propositioning of her postings - but there's definitely something there. I've always been prone to witty, intelligent women - or, at least I've always assumed that's what has attracted me to Princess Michael of Kent for all these years. Maybe the blog/forum/chatroom format encourages this. Helen may well also be a delectabe siren with the body of Elle MacPherson and the boots of Naomi Cleaver - but it doesn't matter. Can't you see it's your mind I've fallen for, 6613??? It's always the same people on every thread though, isn't it? On everything from 'Should Sven be sacked' to 'Can they still knit in Darfur' it's the usual suspects: Paranoidman, Pintoo, Swalsh, CodeViolation, FlunkySoulBrother - I feel like I know them all. I'm not sure if I'm more astounded by the breadth of their interests - yachting, Glyndebourne, taxidermy, Greco-Roman sculpture, goats etc. - or by the fact that there are other people in the world other than me who seem to do nothing but read what BenSawBridge has to say about Arsene Wenger's transfer options in a potential Vieira-less future. Or whether Dame Kiri has the gravitas to tackle Tosca. Or something about goats. And here is where I go all Carrie Bradshaw on y'all - "Is work the new unemployment?" ... "Is Vieira the new Galctico?"..."Is knitting catching on in the Sudan?"...... Discuss!

Love on y'all,


Clunk, clunk, clunk...utter shit.

Seems as good a place to end as any?

But I've still got something to say ... haven't I?

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