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Wednesday, 30 August 2006

Listeners' Survey...

I realise that, for one reason or another, not all of you who read this blog also listen to the Bobcasts (...disloyal bastards - it's been noted...) but I just wanted to run something past the three or four of you who do, so aplogies to anyone who finds this boring (...there are *other* blogs, you know Spinny....)

I'll be putting up a Rolling Stones special tonight in which I play a few of the backwaters of their extensive catalogue and I just wondered if there was a general interest in similar casts in the future. It's obviously quite a risk pinning all your hopes on favourite artists when it could well turn out that no bugger is *remotely* interested in your collection of Steeleye Span bootlegs, b-sides and rarities....(yes, it's strange I know, but some people have *no* taste....)

So in order to limit the damage that tonight's (soporific, I'm sure to anyone who can't stick the Stones) cast will do to my already dwindling audience (cheers Istvansky - no, *really* - thanks a million....) I thought I'd run the following list by you of ones I think I could do quite well and only risk boring the *real* completists among you of the artists in question's work:


Tom Waits

Beach Boys

Elvis (Mad Mike, where are you??)


Phil Spector


Comedy/So bad they're good crap records assortment

erm, that's about it...

Feel free to add others, although I'll warn you now that my Frank Ferdinand collection is on the small side...Or if you think it's a shit idea, I'll knock it all on the head and leave the field clear for Croydon's answer to Simon Bates....

btw - Has he played my tune yet? I have a copy of Benny Hill's Ernie if you've had trouble tracking it down Ist...

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  1. Never ask a Libran to make a choice.

  2. I'm going to give you my honest opinion here Bobstersterster. I would like the Comedy one.

    But..I like it when there is a mix. Then you get to hear all sorts of new and old stuff together. And all sorts of interesting information and stories about the different songs and artists. I like that best of all. And I think you get to know more about the Podcaster from the mix of songs.

    But...I suppose you could have the odd 'special' thrown in here and there.

  3. How many times do I have to tell you Molls - I'm a Libr*ari*an!!

  4. *Smacks forehead*


    I thought you were a libertarian.

    I'm just Liebraumilch in comparison.

  5. I would answer this but I don't have to right software to ply bob casts ! S**t. I am however another Libran....and would therefore be unable to make my mind up.

    p.s In answer to your question. My lot forgot how to defend and we went down 2 nil to Sunderland.....oh the shame....*hangs head and quitely sobs*

  6. I'd be quite keen on them all (except, oddly, Elvis). But also, as Molly says, i quite like the variety. (btw - The Roots, v good!) So basically, give up your day job and concentrate on this...

  7. (just realised...The Roots was on bobcast8 - ages ago. I'm still catching up.)

  8. all of the above thank you very much, Mr Bob.

  9. The Eno would be good - presumably you'd mix up a bit of Roxy, THeads, Bowie, etc... if it was just his solo ambient stuff it might get a tad tedious.

    Otherwise, Stax/Volt would get me dancing like several dads at a wedding.

  10. (...there are *other* blogs, you know Spinny....)

    Ah, but they're just not the same, Bob.

    Anyhow, Rolling Stones - happy memories of drunkenly dancing to Paint It Black back in my university days.

  11. Gee, shucks Spinster...sobs into his pint of Ronseal Brain-defenestrator (it does exactly what it says on the tin...)

    So, is that a yes or a no on the single artists or wot? (I like Tim's idea - Eno collabotaion special - would feature some of the best pop music *ever*...and U2...

    OK I'll put up my alternative idea that I just had once I've posted up Bobcast 15 (*fifteen*?? Or Fiveteen as my poor old Dad once wrote it when Mum refused to do a cheque for him and he had to make it out himself...)

    p.s. Footy's shit isn't it bb?

    Up Pompey!! - Gooners second eleven are putting the new breed to shame, eh Tim??

  12. Ronseal Brain-defenestrator? Is that the latest from Twickenham Fine Ales? I'll have a quart. And football is indeed shit.

  13. Librans? Libran birthdays are coming up fairly soon, aren't they?

  14. Once again, Mr Redknapp sees the value of some old gits.

  15. Go for the 'specials', Bob (or a podcast that deals with Jerry Dammers at least). We here at CCB need every listener we can get.

    Depcast # 3 will be our 'special' on Krautrock.

    Were you there when Amon Duul 2 played at the Greyhound pub in Croydon?

    It all happens in Croydon, see?
    And, of course, a little further up the road in SE25...

    How in God's name do you get the time to do all these Bobcasts?
    I have trouble finding the time to listen to them!

    Don't buckle under the pressure of giving into the Simon Bates of Croydon.
    Besides, I've been called far worse.

    ie; the Robert Elms of Sarf-east London.

  16. "How in God's name do you get the time to do all these Bobcasts?"

    Put it this way, you really wouldn't be able to square how much being held At Her Majesty's Pleasure *now* has changed since the dark old days of Slade prison...

    Also, I have no life...

    I will listen to yours Ist - it;s just that I keep losing it on iTunes.

    Things like this will start happening to *you* when you get to *my* age...

  17. Tell ya what, Bob...just open it up and listen to it when it's your turn to do a bit of slopping out.