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Tuesday, 22 August 2006

Points Of View...

Well, after appearing to upset The Spinster yesterday, I think I'll take a back seat today. (I can't afford to lose any more readers, can I??) And I evidently know nothing about blogs *or* blogging. So instead of the usual guff, I'll just invite *you* all to tell *me* why you blog and why you enjoy it. (Well, the comments are always the best bits, aren't they? So we might as well make a virtue of it...)

And while you're at it, we might as well go the whole Barry Took hog and use this opportunity to allow all of you to tell me what you do or don't like about what *I* do. Come on, be as honest as you like - I'm not saying I'll change tack but if you - as A. Radiographer said he did - prefer the early, funny ones, then let's have it out in the open....I can take it on the chin - I won't flounce off in a steaming ab dab or anything...



Bobcast 12 is now up in which I lose it completely. Well, someone pinched me sausages.....

.....(......I bought them from Fyne Fayre...

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  1. Interesting, very interesting, as Barry Davies once said ... unfortuantely I haven't got the time to say why now as Ron is coming round to put the fencing up in a few minutes so I'm in a highly nervous state and will have to spend the rest of the day making cups of sugary tea and trying to keep out of the way.

    Will be back in more reflective mood when I have the time ...


  2. Why blogging it is a compulsion.

    Cheaper than boozing...
    More productive than moping...
    Less messy than cracking one off...
    More fun than ice-cream...

    (and btw, I prefer your blog in recent times)

  3. Because it's fun, it's a way of connecting with people you may never otherwise have the opportunity to interact with and you can learn a lot (well I have...mostly spelling and grammer but it's a start)

    As i'm new to you blog I can't say whether your earlier blogs were better, all I know is I inevitably end up smiling or in some cases laughing by the time i've got to the end of your post. I have yet to figure out how to get your bobcasts working but I will perservere (spelling still needs some work)

  4. Robert, apologies for not stopping by recently. I will try and catch up.

  5. Ir had been noted Richard. But thanks to your previously exemplary record, you are forgiven...

    bb - you may need to have xp. They will playin iTunes (as that's what they're MP3 ised on. You could always download that free from the Apple store - but it may conflict with whatever other music management programmes you are running. Re: the "funny ones" anything before about May of this year was a bit more surreal. I'm particularly fond of the Christmas one, personally which I was rather hoping one of you would mention in passing, perhaps.... Oh well..

    Thanks Billy - so do I.

    Bettster: You have to say that was Magnificent!

    I also like his 1998 quarterfinal Holland Argentina line: Bergkamp. BERGKAMP!!!

    Great stuff...

  6. Blogging is addictive and well, quite frankly a good creative outlet. And for those of us who don't have the 'network', we use it for just sharing writing. It is also good for meeting people and sharing. know how I feel about your posts. Don't ever change them Bobster. You're never quite sure what is coming next and they always make me smile and laugh. I always look forward to your posts with glee. And if they go off into different places...that's a good thing. It's good to reveal different sides of your personality.

  7. Why blog? Lots of good reasons given above.

    I think for me it's gone through a lot of different stages. From fun to dreams of glory to therapy to a community thing to a sort of endurance test and back to fun again. Dick

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  9. Oh God, where was I? The fence isn't up yet ...

    Oh, I started blogging because someone told me I should do it. It's a way of showing off. I don't know if I enjoy it but it's addictive. If my stats or comments are low it reminds me of not being chosen for the class netball team, again and again and again...

    I like the funny bits, the neurotic bits and the soul searching bits on your blog. Don't worry about what you *should* or *shouldn't* blog about. Bollocks to 'em. Otherwise you end up just playing to the gallery and doing posts about how "hilarious" the fat, sportswear clad underclasses are. Or how rude shop assistants are, or chavs, or having to talk to someone from a call centre in India ... sorry, going off at a tangent ...

    I can't compare the recent stuff to the old stuff, because I was always put off actually reading the blog due to the avatar picture you used to have by the comments you made on other blogs. I'm shallow. What I have read is all pretty entertaining stuff though. Carry on! You're all doing very well!

  10. I like blogging because I like wittering on incessantly about myself.

    And the whole "typing" thing makes me feel like I'm actually doing some work.

  11. At least Annie is honest.

    Why do I blog?
    Because my GP refused to renew my prescription for theraputic chemicals and I had to find a legal alternative.

    Your blog is a top one. If I think it's crap, I'll say so.

    So far so good then...

  12. Blimey, did I really say that? I may have been tremendously drunk. In which case it was because Steve came in just as I was about to leave the pub. I find your blog consistently interesting, amusing and occasionally moving. But funny...remind me, when was that? I've only been online since 1997...

  13. What has happened to my comment? It was right after Betty.

    God, I hope I haven't gone and posted a comment on the wrong blog again.

    Anyhow, what Annie said - that's why I like blogging.

    I liked the old, mad Swipe stuff (it was just rather more difficult to comment on) and the new stuff too. I'm slightly missing that picture of that newsreader with her hold-ups out...

  14. Ooooh...I am speechless...The Butterflies. Yay! Yay! Yay!

    If you listen to anything...listen to this song!

    Sleep tiiiiiggggggggght.

    That marvellous bit of xylophone.

    Goodnight baby baby baby sleep tigggggght.
    *Punches the air like RoMo would do if she were punching the air.*

    Gurgle. Water. Smile.

  15. David Bowie impressions. I shall have to share mine...also Phil Cornwell....fetch me an ambulllllaaaance!

  16. I miss the old days a bit as I can't assume the role of Loretta the hard done by but resolutely faithful Swipe Area State Co-ordinator anymore. I liked that foray into imagination and making things up about you.

    Although, in saying that I still make things up about you in the vain hope that people believe my terrible lies. Ha ha hoh ha ha (little finger poised on bottom lip whilst other stroking white persian cat on lap).

    Best thing recently has been podcasts. Love those.

  17. Bob- loved no 12 - loved the giggling - I nearly crashed the car laughing with you. You think I'm joking - I'm not!

    Bugger though - I had lined up Ambition and one other track you played last week for this weeks poohcast - having to rethink now. Great minds think alike hopefully - or perhaps you are really Derek Acorah and can tap into my playlist by the power of mind-bending medium powers and get in there first! xx