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Friday, 25 August 2006

Bobcast13... up now.

Special thanks to Ro-Mo & Molly.

Hope you all enjoy....

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  1. Bob - are you still awake? We've been podcasting in unison except you have loaded yours first I see and then partaken in pished commenting over at mine. I'm still 'creating a mixdown' at 01:25 - that's dedication for you!

  2. Yep, still awake....still awaiting Ro-Mo 4 real #4....

    It's 01.35, btw,

    (How rock 'n' roll is *that*, huh????*

    *OK, not very....

  3. Well - it's quite rock and roll especially as I'm going to have to don the sunglasses ALL day and night because my eye-bags resemble Mick Jaggers right now. It's up by the way - oo-er that sounded a bit risque - I mean poohcast 4 Romo-style is done. Off for a couple of days - sorry to miss you cottaging by the belt section of the BHF shop again - maybe next week? Mwah mwah - xx

  4. Blimey, slow down Bob.
    I've not even had a chance to listen to number 12.
    I knew you were prolific, but this is getting to be right out of order.

  5. It's fantastic Bobster. I only needed two packets of Bounty as well!


  6. Just listened to Bobcasts 12 & 13 back to back. The current gamut of podcasters have excellent taste in music when it comes to compiling playlists (you too Bob!).

    I thought Vic Goddard was, to this day, still doing the postal rounds in St Margarets...

    'Downbeat' being the diplomatic word you'd use when describing what he currently looks like.

  7. Great stuff.

    Probably my favourite one so far. (oh god, I haven't said that before have I? Well this one is my fave, so there!)