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Wednesday, 2 August 2006

Is There Something Apple Aren't Telling Us??...

I think there is. Walking towards the Curry's roundabout near the Rugby Ground, I 'm listening to 'Just Like You', track 2 on the third Roxy Music album and wondering if I'll cross paths with the cute, floaty skirted secretary who looks like Sheryl Crow only with straight, mousey hair and who always looks away from me when I glance at her through my sunglasses. So, I'm waiting at the zebra crossing and I see the floaty skirted, straight haired Sheryl Crow lookalikey standing at the opposite side of the dual carriageway (only she's in jeans and looks more like a student or a protest singer than a secretary in 'civvies' - Alanis Morrisette going for the Laura Viers-without-the-glasses look, perhaps?) and as 'Just Like You' comes to an end, I think it's a pity that the iPod is on shuffle, as it would be great to hear 'Amazona' now (the track that follows 'Just Like You' on the Stranded LP, as night follows day). Anyway, I start crossing the road and walk towards the floaty-skirted secretary who looks like a straight haired Sheryl Crow, glance across at her through my sunglasses just before we pass and she, of course, looks away, and then Phil Manzanera's flangified mangling of the riff from 'Torn and Frayed' starts up, Johnny Gustafson's bass kicks in and Paul Thompson's drums beat down before Ferry starts warbling, "Amazona is a place where there is no doubt - no more fall out" and I ask again, is there something Apple aren't telling us??

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