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Tuesday, 1 August 2006

The Quite-Well-Known-But-Not-Exactly-What-You'd-Call-Famous-Hall-of-Fame...

In The Mollster's absence, bored and listless without her inspirational presence, I thought I'd follow up Tim's line of questioning regarding NME journalist Betty Page. So, I wrote to Rock'sbackpages, thinking that they might know:

Dear Rock's back pages,

A friend and I were reminiscing and remembered a journalist who used to write for the NME (and Melody Faces too, I believe) who went by the monicker 'Betty Page'. Tim (the other one I just mentioned) has a hunch that it was a pseudonym for Nick Kent or one of the other male journos, but my money's on Barbara Ellen or Sally Margaret Joy-True (nee Sally Margaret Joy) or one of the other female rock writers. Or was there REALLY another Betty Page? Hopefully you can shed some light on the matter??

Incidentally, I knew Sally Margaret Joy in the days when she was a musician, playing bass guitar with hitmakers Furniture ("You must be out of your brilliant mind")

She still owes me five pounds.


Bob (& Tim)

I'll let you know if/when they get back to me, but in the meantime it got me thinking that, apart from Todd Blogney's Incredibly Famous Younger Brother, I don't know all that many famous people [thank God if TBIFYB is anything to go by. Last heard of, he was dressed as a gamekeeper being called a c*** by My Friend Who's About to Become Incredibly Famous (When His New Book Comes Out) Yes, that's right: a gamekeeper!?] But I do know (or once knew) a lot of people who have achieved a fair degree of renown/notoriety/success-within-their-own-field without exactly being what you'd call really famous. So I thought I'd start an occasional hall of fame for the Quite-Well-Known, But Not Exactly What You'd Call Famous.

This week:

Sally Still [AKA Sally Margaret Joy(-True)] [picture to follow...only I couldn't get blogger to download it, so go here - she's 4th in from the left...]


Bass player with Furniture c. 1982-1991.

Journalist with Melody Faces (199?-????)

Currently writing (?) and being married to former Melody Faces journalist/editor Everett True.

There was an MP3 of Brilliant Mind, their 1986 hit, posted up here, but sadly it now has a line drawn through it...There's this link, but I'm not sure if it plays the song as I can't hear stuff at work...or you could buy it here...

Or if you're really desperate....hunt down a copy of Now! That's What I Call Music, Vol. 7.....

Sally's link with Bob:

Co-members Self Analysis Club at Richmond-Upon-Thames-College, c.1981. Occasional drinking partners, c.1981-199?. Bob an occasional listener to/reader of Sally's work.

Well done Sal - and if you read this, I hope everything's good with you and that you're happy and enjoying life. Also, if you could see your way to getting that fiver back to me sometime....

++++++++++++STOP PRESS++++++++++++++++

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